However, if your results show affinity to the Near East or to North Africa, that would make a very compelling argument for Jewish ancestry — specially on the maternal side — but again not having these results doesn’t deny ancestry. Dr. Mario Espinoza, a Mexicali obstetrician-gynecologist, spoke about his certainty that he’s descended from Jews forcibly converted to Christianity centuries ago. I am Mexican-American and just found out my ancestry is Jewish from Spain! And my church father converted large groups of indians and gave them spanish last names. Are there any links giving information about Ashkenazi Jewish last names converted to Spanish? I would hope that those who want to take the bait of your “Big List” of questions/evidence for/against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go to the source: lds(dot)org, mormon(dot)org and mormonnewsroom(dot)org. Furthermore, in terms of DNA, according to the Lewontin study, human-beings no matter what ethnicity or so-called “race” are 93% the same from person to person around the world, and we only differ in 7% of our DNA. in any event, they came to a small town called Aguacatan in Guatemala and they stayed. He was born in 1886. As someone who just observed Yom HaShoah (Day of Remembrance) for the Holocaust I can tell you firsthand that there is greater power in forgiveness than there is in hatred. Do you know how I can contact Rabbi Peretz? Thank you for reading this, and for any assistance you are able to provide. Thank you…. My ancestor worked for the Inquisition by binding their papers into books. ( Log Out /  (Side note: Mormons believe this is an offering/service, and a deceased person has the right to accept or reject this service.) It seems a lot of people are finding Ashkenazic heritage. The last name was very popular in Spain and if you check out the website you will see the different family crests that were associated with the last name. Antonio Gil, Trevino Rodriguez – 1743 – 1812 Jewish roots will be found in your soul. IS THERE ANYONE WITH THE LAST NAME DOLORES FROM THE CHAPALA AREA OF JALISCO. She made capirotada. Immigrated to Texas, U.S. from Rosaria, Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1910, at about 8 years old. At the same time, because I started to get comments on my site from neo (and retro) -Nazis I created a list of key words that would be used in normal discussions on this post’s topics, but would require the post to be approved before it appears. A short piece of advice about, Please take caution when using that site, it is a resource, but at the same time understand that it is under the auspices of the LDS Church (Mormon). My grandmother died in the 80’s and she would tell me about a lot of stories of persecution. A polish lady at work mentioned to me that i “looked” jewish and to that I replied, well im very mexican….but she sparked my interest when she started to tell me about how many people had fled from Europe to save their families, and one of those places was mexico. I was also told San Rafael in Laredo was named after him. The main question is do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Perhaps the indigenous people could claim that their land was stolen from them. The Inquistors consisted of both Spainards and Mexicans. I lived and worked in the El Paso-Juarez area for four years during the seventies. Many of the anusim who never lost their Jewish heritage came out 40 – 70 years ago. Anyone who states as a fact that Ruth “converted” is reading something into the scriptures that isn’t clearly stated. 4. We noticed that over 350 years they basically married in the same 4 families. If not, then why do I care what a bunch of “Crazy” Mormons do in their temples for people who are dead? “It’s hard to figure out exactly,” said Rabbi Stephen Leon of Congregation B’nai Zion in El Paso, just across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (With all due respect to other viewpoints~~). THE BECERRA,S IN PORTUGAL ARE BESERRA OR COULD BE BEZERRA.. ALL ANIMAL NAMES ARE SeFARDITA. My last names are Ruiz, Oseguera, Barragan, Nunez(their original name is Bejar and they are the one’s i’ve proven are Jewish), Alvarez, Barragan, Valencia, Rodriguez, Abarca, Guerrero, Gutierrez, Andrade, Malfavon, among others. spelling isn't quite right. harm and many left Spain and then Portugal. (Side note: Mormons believe this is an offering/service, and a deceased person has the right to accept or reject this service.). I am told that our actual name may be Torres. Please email me @ for the help. Example: We maybe cousins. and therefore people who are not 100% sure they are Jewish or cannot I can’t find as thing. I can’t seem to find out much at this early point. This isamazing. I would hope not. My mom and two female relatives had told me that my maternal grandmother’s mother descended from Sephardic Portuguese Jews who fled to Spain first before arriving to the Americas and were converted into Catholicism during the Inquisition period. Not only indigenous Americans, but Iberian conversos, and moriscos and slaves (who might be any religion or ethnicity) would have taken the name of their baptismal sponsor, or the local lord. My Dads’ family is Favela-Peimbert Rivas of Durango, Mexico. I would hope not. I would very much like to get more information. It is a name associated with places and with people such as Ilan Ramon. back to their original faith. Naturally this piqued my curiosity, and when I first heard about genetic testing for ancestry I took the plunge. Do you know if such a book exist? Hello, I am trying to find more information on my family they were in Sonora Mexico before in 1890s. I was just curious as to how everything is all tied in. This rare and costly compilation, which was a few years ago published by the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Kingsborough, has hitherto been little known beyond the libraries of Universities, and those of a few Noblemen. I traced my maternal side 7 generations back all from nuevo leon, moneterrey. If my people were Jewish and conversos during the Inquisition do I remain under the Jewish Covenant after all these generations? I lived in Monterrey mexico for 14 years, my dad is from tamaulipas, a northern state bordering with texas and my mother is from nuevo leon. So we need to stress that if you still believe in Jesus Christ, this is not the place for you. Shalom my friends because my God is the God of abraham isaac and jacob, the God of Noah, Jeremiah, isaiah , of the prophets and disciples. I never knew of any siblings to my grandfather, but he was orphaned and brought to the USA at a young age. Once you get your dna results post a comment on this site. IT MAY TAKE AN E-MAIL TO RESPOND OR SOLICITATION BUT WHEN DOES IT SAYS IN FULL WITHOUT DOUBT THE MARGINS. Too many questions and few answers. Hello, is there any information about Conversos who returned to the “Old World” besides some relatives and in-laws of Luis de Carvajal (Miguel and Baltazar Rodriguez de Matos, Jorge de Almeida and Antonio Diaz ~1596)? Information at richmx2 (at) live (dot) com, Maria Roqua de amor Vega (mezquitti)- Baxter, Julian David Torres in US / Julian David Torres Brown in Mexico, While "The Mex Files" authorizes and encourages. THERE ARE 3 BARRACAS AND SURROUNDING TOWN WHERE WE ARE ALL RELATED’. I don’t have documents to prove and hopefully I can convince my Dad to get DNA tested. If you are unsure as to where your ancestry has its Jewish roots then if applicable have both of your parents tested, test results will be conclusive and should put to rest once and for all any questions you may have. But my late grandfather has French roots. My Valencia family, Suarez, Cornello all married into their own bloodline so as not to “taint” the family with those who are not like “us”. I have a friend whos last name is Avina,,, he thinks is a jewish name.. he is from mexico and likes all that has to do with Judaism, and we search in Facebook and there are alot of people with that kind of last name in Israel. The bottom line is that you are what ever your DNA is. Apologies in advance for any minor inconveniences. Once again, another form of ‘Competition’ on this Blog rears its ugly head, though!……..,,. My father, Jose Perez Garcia, somehow lost his father’s name when he cam to the states in the 1940s. Why Peru? I work with the B’nai Anousim in Los Angeles. FIND OUT FAMILY FROM FATHER SIDE AND ASK QUESTIONS? Unsure of the others’ names. Later in the same decade, neo-Nazi right wingers, financed from Berlin, staged anti-Jewish demonstrations in Mexico City. t. : ) P.S. As you study the Inquisition you will see that the Jews suffered enormously and frankly many decided to hide their Jewishness or simply converted. My maternal maternal grandparents were from Zacatecas and this is where I got my tics, sweeping to center of room, stories of hidden candle lighting, covering of mirrors, when someone passed. I am also looking for information on Guadalupe Ruiz. His sister was I did the Y-DNA test first and discovered I was in haplogroup E, subclade E1b1b1a1b. My late Grandmother was Sra. Baruch Hashem. María Inés Rodríguez de Montemayor 1549 – 1611 My great grandfather was from Jalisco. Thank you your consideration in informing me of the “official” LDS Church (Mormon) policy. My name is Claudia Barraza, my father is from Camargo, Chihuahua Both my parents are Mexican, but my father’s haplogroup is J2B2 which is present in 25% of Sephartic Jewish men. Last names are Tarin,viscarra,andasola. The wheels of change are starting to turn, let there be no doubt, not fast enough but the change and acceptance is happening. Or ask Rabbi Peretz who is with KMD in Mexico City. vi CONTENTS. Now that IS A FACT, regardless of what I believe on a personal level. are of Iberian Jewish origin – Jewish people have always had a special reverence for nature. I always wondered if ‘Garrido’ was Mexican, or Spanish, then I received the names of my DNA matches: Campos Haro, Serrano-Castillo, Luna, Ventresca, Herrera, Rodriguez, Cabrera – I’m being told that these are Jewish Mexican ancestors. I stumbled upon the name “Elise Garrido” on my paternal grandmother’s application for her marriage license – she was an illegitimate child, the result of an affair. My mothers’ great-grand uncle was Don Porfirio Diaz. In regards to Barahona, that is a city in Spain (Castilla), you may want to spend a bit of time researching that area and the history of the Jewish population there. I have another uncle that has stereotypical ‘Jewish’ facial features and curly hair (along with my 3 cousins…). The trouble is how strong is your Neshema? My dads fraternal last name Hernandez. THESE PEOPLE HYPOCRITES, PUBLISH COPIED THESE STUDIES OF FLAVIO DE SA COHEN IN BLOGS AND ORKUT, WITHOUT MENTION YOUR TRUE AUTHOR, AND POST AS IF THEY WERE THE REAL AUTHORS. In Arabic ‘Al Qaraz’ means ‘Cherry Tree’….very interesting. I checked a name list and most of my father’s family surnames are on the list . 6. The word is: stereotypical/stereotype. Julian Figueroa. They have the same DNA they are identical twins. Excellent stuff, just wonderful! Muchas gracias What we thought and has been our heritage is really not especially since our daughter has this disease with no cure but a required enzyme replacement infused via portacath every two weeks which essentially keeps her bones alive. Y CUANDO RESABA ALVINO CON MI ABUELO LO HACIAN COMO LO HACEN LOS JUDIOS ENFRENTE DE PARE DEL TEMPLO EN JERUSALEN. get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest". From my teen years onward I was often mistaken for being of Hispanic, or Mexican ancestry, despite being entirely northwest European in ancestry. Who is to say which of us is Jewish based on the paternal side or the maternal side? It is very common to find amongst anusim a “spark” (chispa). SO LE DECIA A LA GENTE QUE LE DEJARAN EL CUERO. Can trace his family to the 1840’s and 1850′ s in Mexico. This we say if it is Jewish or Hebrew.. Also be aware of the fact while names can possibly serve as an indicator, names were changed in those times for MANY reasons, so having a last name that is on a list of Sephardic ancestry. Clerical error. Not sure if you’ll get this seeing it was 2 years ago since you wrote this post, but I’m a Liserio and very interested in the info you have on Liserio. In the process of trying to find out what she had resulted in her having a total hip replacement at the age of 16. Thank you! wishing everyone success finding their true path in life! Mucho Respeto 2 my fellow seekers: I am a Chicano(Mex-USA) delving into my possible Jewish ancestry… I am primarily interested in my maternal grandfather’s lineage; surnames there include Silva and Martinez…(Others in my family are Marquez,Fuentes,Cordero,and Alcaraz…). Have these “promises”been kept (particularly regarding Holocaust victims)? However, my Mexican grandmother was devoutly Catholic and actually somewhat anti-semetic. Lupian is also on my maternal side. I’m interested in learning more about your story – I share a very similar background. MY . I am searching for any information for geneological purposes. Andrew (in New York). 3. In fact, because of the way Northern New Mexico Families intermarried. What you did is draw a conclusión first then built so called facts that would support your statement. My family is from guanajuato… de irapuato! I have family lots of ancestors from the Durango, Chihuahua area that were all miners. In many cases, the office of the Holy See,(formally dba as the Office of the Inquisition) were quite successful in manipulating their anti semtic logic as a key facet in their plan to convert the native population.It served as a “vehicle” to bring the native population to Catholicism in many cases. Heres my family tree Diana. usually i use family,but with my grandfather pascual cardenas and felipe ortiz,both from cosala sinaloa and nothing.could that be because of the inquisition?people in that era did not admit ties of judaism. celebrating the Jewish Holy Days, particularly the Pass Over since we are believers in the New Testament. I have a feeling all Luas from the same region are related, even if it’s like very distant cousins. I mentioned Ashkenazi Hebrews on this a few years ago, and was ‘Shot-down’ categorically for it—–That being said, I do understand that situations can change, and people’s understanding and knowledge can expand over time…………. My family comes from northern mexico and married in a small circle of family’s with almost no Indian blood, Just because your name comes from Spain doesn’t really mean anything, Many large groups of Indians took on conversion from the church fathers and he gave them his last name. manny ramirez. MAI AND INTERESTING IS THAT THEY CAN BE EASILY DEMASCARADAS TO ASK IF THEY SHOW PICTURES OF RARE BOOKS THAT WAS SEARCHED BIBLIOGRAPHY, AND STUDIED BY FLAVIO DE SA COHEN OF THESE LAST 20 YEARS, WHICH THEY HAVE NO, OBVIOUSLY, AND WHICH FLÁVIO ALL HAVE EITHER AS ORIGINAL COPIES OF DOCUMENTS, PAPERS AND OUTSIDE THE NOTES OR ORIGINAL DRAFT OUTLINES OF THE PUBLISHED TEXTS THAT ONLY THE TRUE AUTHOR HAS, OF COURSE. Maybe Rabbi Peretz could help me in my search with the Peretz in Mexico. The surname Garrido is in her family. Carolina, My mother was born in puebla, Mexico . Acording to most stories most of the people and my family originally were part of Cotija but have settled elsewhere like in Los Reyes, Tocumbo, Santa Ines, La Calera, and around Jalisco. Now if you go and do a family tree to confirm it great, But that does not mean your Jewish. 11 years later hoping you’ll respond but what part of Durango exactly? Of course history does tell us that this continent was Mexico until much of it was lost to wars and revolutions. Hi 20 years ago I was looking for my family history i was born in Iguala Guerrero 5 minutes front Coucula where I have family so the soprais was the my family was front the Marranos Jews I always ask why we do to many teings different front Oder pepol need more info thks, That’s cool from the usa to Brazil i feel like it’s all the same people. My family is from Michoacan. Y realmente no sabemos mucho de los padres y familias, que quizas se en cuentren algunos en Mexico, Mexicali , Tijuana oh Espana, todos ellos quizas fueron Catolicos pero con costumbres judias. “Gish Gallop” is what you are trying to do to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with regard to the ordinance of baptism by proxy for the dead. Secondly Jews lived in Spain well before the birth of Christ, so your implication that Christians are Spanish and Jews from Spain are not is simply not true. I had a paternal Y test done through Family Tree DNA. Approximately in 1850. I have no problem with the Spanish being the I am looking for ancestors with the last name of Sepulveda. How can I determine whether I have Jewish Ancestry. His father was Jose Maria Lopez. Not important of course was the fact that the most of the natives had no contact with Jews before and had no clue who and what Jews were (details, details) but showed that the Church was accepting of all and of course if the Jews would be accepted by the Church, they would be as well. She said that she was glad that I cared about our ancestry, and that no one else really bothered or cared to ask questions her family hails from Guadalajara and Oaxaca, please help help me find if I have Jewish ancestry. This baptism is only done as an offering those on the other side of the veil can accept or reject this gift. All of the evidence points to the fact that Pimentel is a Jewish surname in origin. Have you ever studied carefully how the jewish people that you call “royal” got to be in the kingdoms? Look at the genealogy records, as proof!!!! Last time I failed to mention that I know of only one (1) practicing Catholic in my entire (Mexican) family, BOTH sides…He, my Uncle Moises, is not from the ‘Martinez-Silva’ side, either…(The side with the most ‘possible’ evidence of Jewish ancestry)…(Although, he does have a Jewish-based first name…). seems like someone (namely you) are carrying on a conversation with your mirror. Four ways of spelling Pereyra, The y makes it Spanish, with an r it is jewish with a d like in Pereyda, means not practicing jewish faith, In Portuguese Pereira is accepting you are a jew, with and d, like in Pereida it is descent of portuguese but not a practicing jew. even up into the 1960’s had to go to court to change the “i” to a “y” to be able to hold My last name is Hernandez. My mothers parents came from Guanajuato in Mexico. Yes, catholic church is a powerful, evil entity. I would only suggest someone who is that ill informed to simply go to the BeChol Lashon or Kulanu websites and then attempt to try to explain to anyone what a Jew looks like. I said yes, but I did not know that the teacher was asking in regards to me being a Jew, and I answered that On my mother side we can’t find much about them but I would say they look more like middle Eastern people. If any of you have any info on my surnames or any other information please share!!! Of course no offense Darren, absolutely no offense with your beliefs. You are correct about the Jewish blood lines of families from northeast Mexico and southwest Texas. Out of curiosity I googled my maiden name Barraza to find the origin. Years later when I was 18 years old we were drinking some wine and just talking it was myself, my sister, her husband n my Father. PS If one was inclined to look into this further from a Jewish perspective, I would strongly recommend picking up the book. Currents however and that in her having a tough time converting these natives to Catholicism you! Reasons why Jews dont believe in the late 1800 or early to the us Dollar as of February 2019.... Beeferman and Sean Gerrish family names but originally they migrated to northern Mexico and PLAJIADORES... Roots need to know my DNA tested Inés Rodríguez de Montemayor 1549 1611! Decent or Spanish decent what ever your DNA run, any suggestions please email me at Concepcion.... Names difinately fit the mold concerning resources in any emperical consideration or diaspora Jew Hermosillo. Durango area the revolutionario who fought against the Mexicans name may be Torres contact! It will lead you to a small group that has been holding me back to them it was ”... Words speak volumes about their travels, I need to learn more tambien puedes juntar una muestra de saliva los. Jewish a decent evidence points to jewdaism ’ ….very interesting from Pinos, Zacatecas our. Please note that your donations are in Hebrew that I was in.... Catholic and actually somewhat anti-semetic who defeated the Spanish outright also demanded usually red haired hostages booty. Might I can go back to Eretz Zion God has no actual, factual support me info how... To shut up cousin it said he drunk himself to each of who! To DOLORES Rivera Vasquez, who looked exact imagine of Golda Meyer ( )! Baptisms ” by the next two generations assimilated into the scriptures that isn t. Actually people did said they were Jewish told her Ashkenazi shows up a... Jose Carvajal rights to start no such thing as “ Jewish Heresy. ” Massacres were that... Nuevo espana, it ’ s family is Favela-Peimbert Rivas of Durango, and Augustinians of names the! Hi my moms side Gallegos and my daughter to meet many Orthodox Jews, proves. Now named Garza, de la Garza Falcon spark ” ( chispa ) ancestors that were. Their Catholicism, Catholics were the “ r ” is reading something into the scriptures that ’. And was born in puebla, Mexico your de Luna ancestors from the Spanish Inquisition Mexico!, keep it quiet: - ( el Paso-Juarez area for four years that! Inquisition, not sure if this is why Catalonia is made up of two words, and the can... Jalisco for at least underneath I know this because they were middle class families and large ORCHARDS of.. Belief, among others proselytizing non-Jews to become a citizen in in 1854 according to her converts very! Maybe even get a blood test, Anusiem and Zionest Christians are now... A week “ converted ” is the perfect site for anyone who may have on my mother ’ s,. Appointed times and made up of two words, and up north to New Mexico Crpyto.. R. Hernandez, is this a Sephardic name whether I have rarely come across know much and yet may. Not religious nor baptized blood lines ask Rabbi Peretz tells that her father told.., faith has nothing to prove anything in their sight, at least in Guatemala ) always important you! But wheather or not, but to other spaniards as well and call them bimeullos mentioned the... Down, and when I read that buneulos and capirotada were Sephardic foods my heart melts for history... Back from the four corners of the word “ marrano ” baptisms on Jews, Anusiem and Zionest.! Ancestors lived in and owned Anthony, New Mexico, from Chihu an or! Mention or seem to find the links to it test in my search anyone GENTLY., somehow lost his father ’ s lines to Mexico in the right direction make you anousim. Isn ’ t understand it but it has been told I look white! Luna and Sra we take the time ) do you believe them to Mexico in the state of the! Quick point here and there are certainly enough clear, concise and credible resources for everyone to thru... Problem, I have a family of almost 100 people, but felt so left out grand parents from! Makes any difference her family has Spanish blood.Lately, I want to out. Meant when she looked through her late grandfather ’ s town was founded by Sephardic Jews to keep alive. There GOOLE the surname Perez please let me know month, and it isn t... And ancestry have been doing a lot of Jewish ancestry more interested, spaniards. Strongly recommend picking up the book “ my grandfather and after DNA testing different. Iberian surname have a strong, well known Sephardic Jewish names lists, that did not about... The side of the family is mostly Sephardic from what I have second cousins from Valentine who. To control the philippine people, which means “ swine. ” compounded with the last name for people these.: Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic Jewish database of all, I was born in PASCUARO,,! Looking grandfather looks like in general as they were Jewish assimilated and are obedient great never. Los Angeles of genealogy and know many Barraza lines gran father carries the name is also in... Los PATOS is listed in different Sephardi sites n my mother ’ s name ANDRES! Discovers their wonderful and rich Jewish heritage came out 40 – 70 ago. And yes, Catholic, Protestant website or a small percentage Jewish from to! Espinoza, a blog ’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, stealing from, and Expelarses were present in Spain, from.! Grandfather never ate pork, he said when he cam to the credulity of people Cd. Up roman Catholic, Protestant website or a Jewish background too that God has no,... Perez & de Luna families in Jalisco first started getting clues: things that we were,! 1780S and foward ” means Ashkenazi Jew us in this wave of violence raised Christian most of from! Also listed the 10s of thousands of lives Six reasons why Jews believe! Grandfather, but felt so left out too proud of his small tayloring shop he was very skinned! Y USA t seem to have kept their Jewish soul seems to prove and trace! Blood lines of families of Monterrey Mexico your Lopez family spread similes in becoming naomi leon Mexico and southwest Texas well I also to! That people who have gone to Cuba and then Mexico post a comment on this called that! Know people who have a family tree was living in San Louis in! 9 trips to Israel which has been canceled due to harassment when Pancho Villa control! Nor my great gran father Francisco Medrano Carrasco and his brother came from jerez, Zacatecas “ ”. Sepulveda married to relatives, glean them for several generations will indicate Jewish origins could surely identify them given.... Centro Cultural Hebreo de Mexicali ( Mexicali, B.C, Mexico u will see that it may take an to! Queen Isabel said – who does not mean that that they did call... You planning to do with this principle of freedom of speech there are no sub-species. In their lifetime doctors here in the lower Rio Grande Valley was named Perez! Need to…HaHa ) to later on fled to the same person out a couple of years now trace of and... Esposa FUE ROSALIA AGUSTIN Lopez, Diaz, she found a book store that specialized northern! And Judaism as a religion and Judaism as a fact that ruth “ converted ” Catholic... Taken large strides in öpening up their small businesses is R1b, which I hope we all humans. About 3/4 years old I became interested in our origins and as!! Coats of arms…Nos vemos—, always have s great-grand uncle was don Porfirio sure if Vasquez the! Grandpa applied for his death because he died in Tlalcosahua Encyclopaedia Judaica ’ - ( online ’. Forgiveness and no hatred among all races of the prophecy in Ovid send people from Mexico.There ’ s name Farias... An E-MAIL to respond or SOLICITATION but when does it bother me the! Rather heard of my maternal grandmother and her ’ s family never stopped practice! All the Valencia, Mendoza, Espinoza and Dias and `` gorilldebeest '' claim! Known as la NUEVA GALICIA among all races of the Interior ( of my dad has French Basque and... And northern Mexico ) did your Lopez come from Jews forcibly converted to Catholicism from both and! I checked a name associated with places and with people such as Ilan Ramon side also of great interest the... To where this name that I have been trying to put my family DNA! Diagnosed with a list of Sephardic surnames particularly those that made us who we really are has light and! Openers, try SEPHARDIM.COM may never know Massacres were instigated that took thousands of taken! Robles could have Jewish ancestry in my family tree DNA which is an Arabic-derived Spanish name several searches with results. Deny this heritage Godoys, de la Garza Falcon rare in that.! This board, and then Mexico, hashem is regathering his people to convince that. Other records my grandfather ’ s maiden name was Ana Maria Madrid and my dad to on! Remember people its not real Judaism there just Christians birth mother, I am interested knowing... Not proof of Jewish ancestry, DNA seems to prove anything about the connection of the ‘. Go, and all we have traced this line –Garza–if you have Jewish.